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NSR Search Engine


This program lets to find articles from Nuclear Science References (NSR).

I. Names and descriptions of NSR Search Engine fields

General category:

    1. Keywords

      Choose one of seven major topics(categories) of nuclear data (identifier <KEYWORD> ).

    2. Quantity Type

      Parameter type of <SELECTRS>.

    3. Quantity value

      Parameter value of <SELECTRS>.
      If double click on selected value 'OTHER', opening new field for yours Quantity value.

    4. Keyno

      Keynomer of article.

Special categories (for keywords type):

    1. Target nucleus

      Chemical symbol or charge and atomic number of target nucleus.

    2. Incident particle

      Type of incident particle or ion.

    3. Qutgoing particle

      Type(s) of outgoing particle(s) or ion(s).

    4. Nucleus study

      Chemical symbol or charge and atomic number of nucleus study.

    5. Range of energy

      Range of reaction energy (Example: 0.3 - 1 GeV ).

Bibliography category:

    1. Full Data

      Article data (Example 20.04.82 ).

    2. Reference

      Year: Year of reference. (Example: 1998)
      Type: Type of reference. (Example: Phys. Ref )
      Volume: Volume of reference. (Example: 45)
      Page: Number of reference page. (Example: 128)
      Code: Reference name. (Example: PRVCA )

    3. Author

      Name of any author of publication

    4. Title

      Name of publication. You may enter any word from title of document.

    5. Keyword free search

      Searching documents by any word from <KEYWORD>.

    6. Number of subentrys founded

      Max number of visible documents NSR in Explorer's window.

II. Work scheme NSR Search Engine.

III. NSR Search Engine printscreen for example.

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