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All known about atomic nuclei and nuclear reactions. Numerical data, graphics, and bibliography Nuclei and Reactions Unified Digital Information System
Last updated: May 6th, 2014
Abundances, atomic masses, mass excesses, binding energies, spin-parities, moments, deformations, decay modes of ground and metastable states, energies of first isobar-analog states Nucleus Ground and Isomeric State Parameters
Last updated: June 15th, 2011
Parameters and features of various nuclear reactions with incident photons, neutrons, charge particles, and heavy ions from the international EXFOR data fund Nuclear Reaction Database (EXFOR)
Last updated: May 11th, 2019
Nucleus state parameters:
Energies, spin-parities half-times (decay modes), metastabilities, isospins, angular momenta, spectroscopic strengths, etc.;
α-, β-, γ-transition parameters:
Energies, intensities, multipolarities, branching ratios, mixing ratios, etc.
Complete Nuclear Spectroscopy Database "Relational ENSDF"
Last updated: May 6th, 2014
Quadrupole deformation parameters; quadrupole moments; charge radii
Chart of Nucleus Shape and Size Parameters
Last updated: April 4th, 2015
Reference-bibliography information on articles concern physics of atomic nuclei and nuclear reactions:
Author, title, year, full reference, keywords etc...
Nuclear Physics Publications ("NSR" Database)
Last updated: September 15th, 2017
Energies, amplitudes, widths, integrated cross sections and moments of Giant Dipole Resonances Chart of Giant Dipole Resonance Main Parameters
[guide (in Russian)]
Last updated: September 27th, 2011
Nuclear, reactions, energies, angles, abstracts (in codes), references, authors Photonuclear Data Index since 1955
Last updated: July 10th, 2017
Reaction energy, threshold, binding energy, decays
Calculator and Graph Engine for Atomic Nuclei Parameters and Nuclear Reactions and Radioactive Decays Features
Last updated: March 22th, 2010
T1/2, decay mode
Chart of Atomic Nuclei
Last updated: March 19th, 2018
Atomic Nuclei. Main Characteristics (in Russian)
Low energy isomer transition internal conversion probabilities Low Energy Isomer Transition Internal Conversion Probabilities
Last updated: May 15th, 2002
p-, d-, t-, 3He-, α-,
and HI-induced reactions yields and cross sections
CAJAD Charged Particle Reaction Cross Sections Catalogue
Last updated: December 28th, 2000
Contains obsolete data.
Please use EXFOR instead.
Together with SINP Division of the atomic nuclear physics (DANP)
Wave functions of atoms and ions, He-like, Li-like, excited states, cross sections, variational method, matrix elements, single and double ionization, charge transfer, two bound electrons, hydrogenic wave functions, minimum of the energy, Hylleraas, Slater, Hartree - Fock, one-electron amplitude Wave Function Value Database
Last updated: February 15th, 2015
Charge-Changing Cross Sections, Electron Capture Cross Section, Electron Loss Cross Sections. Charge-Changing Cross Sections in Ion-Atom Collisions
Last updated: October 10th, 2021
Together with SINP Division of space and nuclear research (DSNR)
Animation Dynamic atomic nuclei deformation
Last updated: April 26th, 2006
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