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Nuclear Reaction Data Centres Network

Nuclear Reaction Data Centres Network

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CDFE World-Wide Partners
The Major CDFE World-Wide Partners:
1 International Atomic Energy Agency Nuclear Data Section
Contact person: Arjan Koning
E-mail: A.Koning@iaea.org
Intercenter FTP: ftp://ndsalpha.iaea.org
File transfer username: NDSOPEN ; (no password)
World Wide Web: http://www-nds.iaea.org
2 Russia Nuclear Data Center (CJD)
Contact person (temporarily): Dmitry A. Voytenkov
E-Mail: dvoytenkov@ippe.ru
World Wide Web: http://www.ippe.obninsk.ru/podr/cjd/
3 Russia Nuclear Structure and Reaction Data Centre (CAJaD)
4 USA National Nuclear Data Center
Contact person: Michael Herman
E-mail: MWHerman@bnl.gov
Intercenter FTP: ftp://bnlnd2.dne.bnl.gov
File transfer username: BNLNDC ; (no password)
World Wide Web: http://www.nndc.bnl.gov
5 Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute
Nuclear Data Center

Contact person: Junichi Katakura
E-mail: Katakura@ndc.tokai.jaeri.go.jp
World Wide Web: http://wwwndc.tokai.jaeri.go.jp/
6 China Nuclear Data Center (CNDC)
Contact person: Zhang Jingshang
E-mail: cndc@mipsa.ciae.ac.cn
7 OECD Nuclear Energy Agency Data Bank
Contact person: Kiyoshi Matsumoto
E-mail: kiyoshi.matsumoto@oecd.org
World Wide Web: http://www.oecd-nea.org/databank/
Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute
Nuclear Data Evaluation Laboratory

Contact person: Jonghwa Chang
E-mail: jhchang@kaeri.re.kr
World Wide Web: http://atom.kaeri.re.kr/
Center of Nuclear-Physics Data (CNPD), VNIIEF (Sarov)
Contact person: Ms. Sophya M.Taova
E-mail: taova@expd.vniief.ru
Japan Charged-Particle Nuclear Reaction Data Group
Contact person: KATO Kiyoshi
E-mail: kato@nucl.sci.hokudai.ac.jp
World Wide Web: http://www.jcprg.org/
Petersburg Nuclear Physics Institute
Data Center

Contact person: Ivan A. Mitropolsky
E-mail: mitrplsk@pnpi.spb.ru
World Wide Web: http://georg.pnpi.spb.ru/english/RNDC.html
Ukranian Nuclear Data Center
Contact person: Ms. Olena O.Gritzay
E-mail: ogritzay@kinr.kiev.ua
World Wide Web: http://ukrndc.kinr.kiev.ua/
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CDFE Head: Vladimir V. Varlamov